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4 keys to early recovery

November 11, 2018

Cindy Coloma  2-min 

A writer for The Life Challenge via Heroes in Recovery

The beginning of recovery can look like a road into an unknown, even ominous, territory. But remember you are headed toward a life of greater freedom and purpose. Here are four areas to help build yourself up for the road ahead and early recovery that lasts. 


1 - Create a Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy body, mind and spirit will equip you for greater success. Strengthen your whole being by:

●      Developing meditative, breathing and calming practices

●      Exploring spirituality

●      Continuing to learn and implement new practices for recovery

●      Becoming a mentor or sponsor because often we help ourselves by helping someone else

●      Taking medications, if prescribed by your doctor

●      Working to release the shame of the past — forgive yourself

●      Exercising and healthy living


Be sure you don’t forget your emotional health. A strong emotional state will help combat compulsions and feelings that can lead back to addictive and destructive behaviors.


2 - Gather Healthy Support

While it’s often necessary to end or limit relationships from your past to achieve early recovery, it’s equally important to gather healthy relationships and support. Don’t isolate yourself or let your history hinder a healthy future. In the US, there are more than 13,000 drug specialized drug addiction treatment facilities, where people enter recovery programs every single day.  You are not alone! Look for people who are living lifestyles free from addiction, who share similar interests and with whom you can be honest about your recovery. Seek out new connections at:

●      Support groups

●      Counseling sessions

●      Spiritual or religious organizations

●      Sports and hobby groups

3 - Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Sometimes we must reframe our thoughts to keep the faith. Realize that you aren’t giving something up or being restricted through recovery, but instead, you are discovering freedom from the toxic behaviors of addiction. Some ways to keep that in mind are to:

●      Start or return to dreaming big.

●      Set attainable goals that you’re excited to reach.

●      Seek employment that offers a healthy environment and growth.

●      Gain further education or go back to college.

●      Believe you really can reach your dreams and goals.


4 - Prepare Against Relapse & Recommit

Remember that recovery is a lifelong journey. Everyone has triggers that make them vulnerable to relapse. Be prepared to handle triggers before they happen with a relapse prevention plan.


Expect some potholes in the road, and be ready to commit to your recovery more than once. It’s normal for people to want to quit, but in an article in Psychology Today, Sarah A. Benton MS, LMHC, LPC  states that the key to successful long-term recovery is recommitting. It’s not a one-time decision, but it’s a journey to freedom that will last a lifetime.

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