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5 tips to enjoying an event (sober!)

October 15, 2018 by Kerri O'Neill  2-min 

It is one of the biggest excuses used to avoid getting sober; you can’t have fun. The common misnomer has many running back to the bottle for FOMO. Low and behold, you won’t be missing out anything, but rather you’ll experience more than any drunkscepade can offer you.


Need proof? Check out the pictures below of guest contributor Kerri O’Neill, who has truly lived it up during her time on the sober-train, experiencing more in less than one year than all of her partying years combined. Before your envy emerges from the awesomeness she has been a part of (and luckily she's allowed me to tag along for the ride), check out her: 


5 Tips to Having Fun (Sober!) at Events.

1 - Assemble your crew

If possible, go to the event with another sober friend. Strength is in numbers. If this isn’t possible have a clear vision of how YOU want to spend your night—and stick to it. Prepare an exit strategy because it’s always better to flee than to fight temptation.

2 - Go early

Watch warm ups, the pregame show, or the musical openers. Get settled into your seats and be sure to use the bathroom beforehand. Rushing around and being late causes anxiety and unnecessary stress. And we all know where that can lead.

3 - Drink water

Yes, bottled water costs like $5 at any event, but it still beats a $12 beer. Stay hydrated and clear headed throughout the evening. Sipping on H2O will whet your whistle and keep you dancing / cheering all night.

4 - Practice mindfulness

Overwhelmed? Inhale a deep breath and take it all in. Notice things you never did while you were flying high—like how annoying the drunk dude spilling his beer next to you is or the girl before you in line leaving piss all over the toilet seat can be. The sights and sounds of big events are spectacular and the best part is that you’ll remember them the next morning, and for a lifetime.

5 - Take pictures, lots of them

These snapshots will be memories that you’ll have forever. No sloppy pics to delete in the morning or to peruse to piece your black outs together with. You’ll form a collection over time and have a photo album of ammunition to look over to remind you how awesome life is sober.

So, go get dressed up in your dancing shoes or favorite sports team jersey and cheer as loudly as possible, and let the good times roll. Being sober at concerts or other events is not only possible but its amazing. You paid good money for those tickets and by being present you will get the most bang for your buck. Party on!

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