"Having featured and personally interviewed many celebrities, Olympic athletes, supermodels, rock and sports stars as well as other amazing committed, passionate, and inspiring people, I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed with Jason and what he has been able to accomplish in such a short time. It appears he may have broken the Recovery "4-minute" mile. I'd recommend him if you can book him." 

Jason, a former minor league baseball player, is the bestselling author of Stop Thinking Like That: No Matter What, a book written during his rehab stay in the winter of 2017-18. He has since become a Certified Recovery Coach and Peer Specialist, working in and around Boston, as well as with virtual clients all across the country. He also works with individuals who have hired him as a Performance Coach, which entails all of the attributes that come from the Motivational Recovery Workbook as well as being geared to taking individuals to the next level in their quest to living a fulfilling life on their standards. He passionately speaks regularly at recovery events, in schools, and other wellness related venues. On March 30th, 2019 he gave his first TED Talk at TEDx Boston College, where he spoke about "resilience". 

In regards to life buried in addiction, Hyland has been there and done that. After spending nearly a decade of his life hiding an array of addictions, from alcohol to opiates, he was gifted the help necessary to get his life back once and for all. He has since become undeterred in his quest to help others find the joy and successes he has during his journey in recovery.

Jason noticed in the early months of his recovery, although surrounded by individuals that were clean and sober, nearly all lacked any type of confidence, motivation, and ambition to live out the life they dreamed of before substances took over their existence. Those around him were stuck living in the misery of what they had done, instead of focusing on what they could do NOW to build themselves up and become the man or woman they deserved to be-- a person with limitless potential.

Hyland was flustered as to why so much misery filled the insides of the clean and sober which led to the creation of the Motivational Recovery Workbook. With thousands of hours studying, researching, and writing his national bestselling book Stop Thinking Like That: No Matter What, along with his own years’ worth of personal experiences living in the trenches of addiction, he has created the groundwork to finding the inspired, confident, determined individual within us all. His Motivational Recovery Workbooks focus on unleashing the confidence waiting to burst at the seams, maintaining that crucial positive mindset, and turning every failure into a valuable lesson leading to massive opportunity. The result will have you ready to attack your life with gusto, chase after your dreams, and soon you too will be undeterred in your quest to have a great impact on the world.

You Can. You Will. Now Let’s Go!