"Having featured and personally interviewed many celebrities, Olympic athletes, supermodels, rock and sports stars as well as other amazing committed, passionate, and inspiring people, I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed with Jason and what he has been able to accomplish in such a short time. It appears he may have broken the Recovery "4-minute" mile. I'd recommend him if you can book him." 

TEDx Boston College

March 30, 2019

In winter of 2018 Jason was introduced to the renowned TED Talks, and immediately applied to speak at the BC one that spring. But it was too soon, he wasn't ready. The premonition came true Spring '19 and he gave a resounding speech on the event topic of resilience which is titled "The Connection the Addict Craves." 

Recovery Today Magazine Issue #51 - February 2019

Jason makes his magazine debut in an epic interview with Recovery Today Magazine producer Rob Hanley. From College World Series MVP to his rock bottom of addiction, they get deep into Jason's journey from the bottom to a bestselling author inspiring 1000s.  

Sober Nation LIVE Interview February 28, 2019 

Share some laughs and discover on the Facebook LIVE interview with Sober Nation's Content Strategist Tori Skene on her weekly show. A blog contributor on the Sober Nation website, Jason shares his insight on his latest piece and more.  

Mental Health Book Club Podcast

November 11, 2018

Listen in as Jason's takes the Motivational Recovery mission across the pond on the UK based MHBC Podcast. Hosts Becky and Sydney discuss the inner workings of Stop Thinking Like That that they took away from reading the bestseller. 

"Off the Shelf" TV show

November 2, 2018 

Join Jason as he sits along side the witty and intelligent Veronica Andrews as they discuss his bestselling book "Stop Thinking Like That". They dive deep into recovery, addiction, baseball, and most importantly spreading the hope and inspiration message.  

International Overdose Awareness Day

August 31, 2018 

In his biggest speaking event to date, Jason takes the stage on the Boston Common to share his message of hope and inspiration in front of 1,000s for International Overdose Awareness Day. 

The No Quit Living Podcast

August 7, 2018 

Jason joins host Christopher Wirth, a successful entrepreneur, Accountability Coach, & Keynote Speaker, to discuss the impact his journey has had on others, an attitude of gratitude, and what it takes to live happily and successfully in recovery. *Episode 143 

The Addictionary Podcast June 1, 2018

Hold on tight because this is one show that will take you into the mind like never before. Host Maegan Kenney and Jason discuss the power of a positive attitude, and ruffle feathers speaking of immediate growth versus the AA way. Conceive. Believe. Achieve. 

May 15, 2018

Spreading the message starts with helping those at home in Massachusetts. Watch in as Jason joins The Empty Chair to talk about his struggles w/ drugs & alcohol, but motivates us all in the 2nd half of the LIVE interview when describing his REBIRTH. Get fired up! 

Off The Wall Podcast
May 11, 2018

The movement of his mission to take the message of hope & inspiration Coast to Coast has begun as Jason joins San Francisco entrepreneur Chris Lynam on the Off The Wall podcast.   

Catching Up With Katy
April 20, 2018

Jason opens up about his journey through addiction to becoming a bestselling author, as the guest of Massachusetts Senator Katherine O'Connor-Ives on her television show Catching Up With Katy.    

 MSONEWSPORTS PodCast April 19, 2018

Listen in as Jason pours out the truth behind his addictions and where it led him. And then how he made the choice to get help & a rebirth was created. Interview by Bill Newhall.  

Newburyport Daily News & the Salem News

April 12 & 13, 2018

One month removed from graduating from his recovery program, Hyland sheds light on his journey in recovery & how he came about writing his bestseller Stop Thinking Like That. By Jim Sullivan 

Microbin Radio PodCast

February 9, 2018

Listen in as Jason gives his first national interview on the internet radio station Microbin Radio, as part of The Michael S. Robinson Show.