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Who is Jason


Jason Hyland is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary story of resilience. A gifted baseball player with MLB teams knocking at the door after being named the College World Series MVP, Jason's addictions soon took a stranglehold of his life, robbing him of his dreams, stripping him of his values, and ultimately controlling his every move. After years of battling these demons, Jason passionately shares his story of survival and the audience responds!

As a professional motivational speaker, Jason brings his inspirational story to platforms and venues worldwide. Armed with the education and lived experience, this Certified Recovery Coach and Peer Specialist is able to effectively communicate his message of hope and story of perseverance to audiences in need of healing and inspiration.

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Substance Abuse

Jason spent over a decade in the trenches of substance abuse, particularly alcohol and opioid use. Coming from a family with a history of alcoholism, he has been witness to the effects the disease has on the families as well. His story of overcoming massive adversity to living a life full of service is authentic, raw, and motivating for all. Audiences are left captivated by his passion for hope behind such difficult topics, leaving them inspired and wanting more. As a Certified Recovery Coach Hyland has a well-rounded understanding to tackling this country's greatest epidemic. Most who struggle with substance abuse use their addiction to mask the anguish and numb the pain that comes from a mental health challenge.

Mental Health

Depression can leave you feeling continuously burdened and can squash the joys of life you once experienced and substance use helps numb this feeling. Depression is one of the many mental health challenges Jason has experienced either firsthand or through a loved one during his 35+ years of life. Studies show that roughly 90% of individuals who die by suicide experience a mental health challenge, and depression sits alone atop that list. 

A Certified Peer Specialist, Hyland has not only "been there" but is also trained to have these difficult mostly avoided conversations that surround mental health. The Peer Movement is leading the charge of helping raise mental health awareness and in ending the stigma that comes with it.


Anyone who has ever faced an addiction, depression, or any number of mental health challenges will be the first to tell you they had little to no self-esteem, which is one's emotional evaluation of their own worth aka their self-worth. Jason recognized early on in his recovery the vital impact rebuilding his confidence had on any chance of living a happy fulfilling life. In order to ever love another person, we must first love ourselves, and we learn to do so by building up our self-esteem. Self-care is an essential part to increasing our quality life and building confidence within ourselves. This is a forever process as we will always have the ability to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually.  


deaths from drug overdoses


overdoses from synthetic opioids

Audiences & Venues

  • Schools

    The teenage years are filled with stressful trying times of self-discovery and experimentation. Many young people head off to college with a predisposition to mental health conditions and have experimented with alcohol and or drugs. Students will receive valuable insight on alcohol and drug abuse, peer pressure, the college night life, and the services available to them on campuses. Jason's candid and open delivery paints an extremely vivid picture for his audience, and he uses his inspiring story to get a message across of the pitfalls of partying, as well as the perseverance to overcome the adversities.

  • Corporations

    Substance abuse disorders are very prevalent in the workplace, costing employers millions of dollars each year. Employees suffering from addiction not only affect their own work, but also those around them. Jason brings invaluable knowledge from his personal experience of substance use in the workplace, to your organization. He will review the warning signs that may point to a co-worker who may be struggling with an addiction. Further, he uses his motivational tools to help build the confidence within your staff, as well as leadership tactics that have benefited countless employers he has worked for and with.

  • Communities

    When it comes to combating mental health and substance abuse issues, much of the heavy lifting occurs at the community level. This is a key reason behind why Jason takes his message to civic organizations, recovery programs, shelters, and many other groups that have a keen focus and care for personal needs. Support the national dialogue by getting involved. In doing so, you can help rebuke the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction, and raise awareness within your community. Bring Jason in to lead your organization toward making a difference within your communities. 

What people are saying

“Jason’s services as a Motivational Speaker and Recovery Coach are highly recommended. I continue to consult with him, as he is an amazing resource and inspiration.”

Lauri Murphy, MSW

The Pettengill House

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