There is hope.

August 24th has a very special meaning to me...

On August 24, 2017 a scared yet hopeful man walked up the front stairs of a big Victorian style home that looked like any ordinary house on the busy street of a coastal town north of Boston. But once he entered through the front door there was nothing ordinary about what he was walking into.

For the next six months this man was going to experience some amazing highs and bottomless lows, beg to leave and bed to stay, and meet men of all walks of life with the same problem as he. But the most important individual this once lost and broken man will meet during his stay in this not-so-ordinary home was his new self, starting his new life. A self that was confident in his ability to do anything he put his mind to which most importantly was to stay clean and sober. A self that would let vulnerability into his life, ripping open then stitching up the self-inflicted wounds of his past. A self that was willing to do whatever it takes to assure the impostor he was once would never show his retched face again.

Exactly one year and one week later that same new man will be standing on a stage staring out at nearly 3,000 strangers from all walks of life with the same purpose as he. He will stand there as living proof that anything is possible. He will provide a source of hope and inspiration for those staring back at him lost and broken like he once was. He will give comfort to the families of those same people by showing them IT is possible. And he will try to give whatever sense of peace of mind there is to those wishing that their son or daughter, father or mother, wife or husband, could be next to them witnessing the power of a community fighting together in efforts to assure that other families do not have to go through that unfortunate experience of losing a loved one.

Exactly one year and one week later from August 24, 2017 the man who entered through that ordinary looking home will walk off that stage knowing he has found his purpose and is living it out every day, one day at a time.

*If you or anyone you know needs help please don't be scared to ask for help. It will be the best decision you'll ever make. My email is jason@jason-hyland.com and I will be happy to do whatever I can to help you find your new self!

International Overdose Awareness Day - August 31st 6-9pm at the Boston Common


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