What is your 'perspective'?

Recently I was asked to write a quick essay on what 'perspective' means to me...well, I cannot write my name quick let alone a topic that is so deeply filled with mystery and intrigue. Check out my thoughts below. Enjoy.


Like opinions, we all have our own unique perspectives on anything and everything. For better or worse, they define how we see the world and are ours and ours only. Yes, there certainly are outside circumstances that can influence how we perceive things, but it is ultimately how we use or do not use said influences that affect what our perceptions are.

Roughly seven months of recovery has had a major influence on my perspective on life as a whole. When we are in the midst of addiction our vision is skewed, both literally and figuratively. We have a very narrow minded perspective on nearly everything ultimately distancing ourselves from the rest of society and most importantly from the ones trying to help us. A life in addiction means a life seen through only one set of lens causing an extremely sensitive self-centered universe. If you don't perceive things as we the addict does then you are no longer a necessary ingredient in our ever-shrinking world.

By removing alcohol and drugs from our system we allow our mind, body, and souls to regain functions that were all but deemed useless due to their exposure to substances whose unique purpose are to alter the states of the mind, body, and soul. Slowly our eyes begin to open up slightly more each day, our ears perch up, and our nostrils breath fresh air without restriction for the first time in eons. With the new experiences we open up the influences on our perspectives of life. We are no longer at the mercy of a self-centered reality and now have unlimited resources and experiences to learn from.

Growth is unlimited the more open-minded we become because knowledge is infinite. It is a very exhilarating experience when you realize the world has more to offer than you ever could have imagined especially during our days held down by addiction. Every day is a new day to gain further perspective on life and all the endless opportunities that come along with it. This is a major reason why I wake up eager to get each new day started. I have the ability to learn, grow, and better myself with each passing day and I owe it to the ability to have an openness to perspective.





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