the TOP 7 MOST significant BOOKS

I've READ.

Everyone has a story.
These ones got me through the toughest times
and helped me get back on my feet.


Faith Sarah Salzberg

This book I found by accident on a table full of free books outside of a food shelter where I would share meals with the less fortunate & I am extremely grateful I did. If you want to build a better perspective on life in general via a calming presence this books for you. Learn all about Buddhism.



Think & Grow Rich Napoleon Hill

The book that began it all for me. And by all I mean it taught me the power of the mind, the power of a positive mindset, and how to be successful in any aspect of life if I truly wanted to be. What the mind can conceive & believe, the mind can achieve!



Sober As F*ck Sarah Ordo

This book holds a special spot in my heart. It was the 1st book I read during my recovery. Sarah is the female version of me, at least I felt that way after hearing about all her drunken shenanigans & feelings that alcohol caused her. She inspired me & become great to get to know along my journey.



School of Greatness Lewis Howes

What a phenomenal read about building up a better life! Eerily similar to what I've experienced in life along with the same mentality & writing style. He did it before I did showing me that I can & I will!


Daring Greatly Brené Brown

A must read for anyone looking to find their true inner self, looking to let go and let out. Dr. Brown teaches you how to become okay with being vulnerable, especially men. During my early recovery, becoming vulnerable was the moment I realized I was going to be okay, that everything was going to be alright. 



Basketball Junkie Bill Reynolds

Need proof that no one is exempt from the wrath of addiction? Need further proof that anyone can overcome their addiction? Chris Herren is that proof. Read Basketball Junkie a handful of times & plan on continuing to do so indefinitely.  



Ask More Get More Michael Alden

Are you scared of NO? Scared of being denied? Well, after you read this you will be well on your way to more yes' than you could ever imagine. Alden teaches you how to ask the right questions to get what you want. No matter the area in life you will better it by reading Ask More Get More.

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If you give 100% all of the time, somehow things will work out

in the end. 


- Larry Bird

COMING JUNE 1st, 2018

“One of the most powerful, witty, and impactful books on addiction and recovery. This is a most read for anyone dealing with substance abuse on any level.” 


—  Don Bessom, Former teammate and al-anon member



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